Sounds of Liberty Square June 26 2018

Glenn Roth and Belle of the Fall on July 24th

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Glenn Roth

Glenn Roth is not your typical commuter from Connecticut. Instead of a briefcase, he carries a gig bag. His workspace is the vaulted splendor of Grand Central Terminal or the tunnels and platforms of the New York City subway system. A literal “underground” sensation, Glenn is a licensed performer in the MTA’s “Music under New York” program, playing for the most distracted and demanding audience in the world: legions of workers rushing to jobs throughout the Big Apple. And his fingers work magic, creating a soundscape of compelling melodies that invite them to leave the cityrush behind on an aural escape.  


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Belle of the Fall

“Acoustic folk duo Belle Of The Fall has proven that musical soul mates do in fact exist.” -Vents Magazine

Belle of the Fall is Tracy Walton and Julia Autumn Ford, an indie folk rock pop alternative americana duo from CT. 

Belle of the Fall met when Tracy produced Julia’s debut solo album in 2014 at his studio, On Deck Sound Studio. They spent the better part of the next year touring together as solo artists. Eventually they began to play on each others sets and sing harmonies together. In July of 2015,  Tracy and Julia wrestled with the idea of remaining separate solo artists or committing to a duo. They obviously chose the latter. Tracy’s weathered voice and upright bass seem to be built to compliment the world class vocals of Julia. Tracy owns On Deck Sound Studio in CT and Julia now works there in the videography department. In April of 2016, Belle of the Fall released their debut album; “Earthbound.”  23 states and 175 gigs later and they are about to release their second full length on April 6th, titled “Rise Up.”

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