<b>mARTket Pop Up 2011</b> - Norwalk 2.0 brought over 2000 visitors to 9 events in 90 days <b>Economic Impact</b> - Local artists, designers, crafters, coders and makers tried retail <b>Community</b> - The Artist Village this spring POP CITY Community building at MIll HIll Historic Park

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What Norwalk 2.0 does:

We provide education and insights into building and supporting the new creative economy workforce. We organize events and activities that support and promote organizations and initiatives that make our downtown vibrant and cool. We encourage a sense of community in the greater Norwalk region through intentional economic development.

    Get your ticket here. Suggested Donation: $25 (per person) ┬ábut you can always give more . […]

    We’re building an exciting new project for Wall Street Spring of 2014. The application to submit […]

    We’re looking for historic photos, maps or other images that tell the story of Wall Street. […]

    We’re off to a nice start, the park has never looked nicer, the weather has been […]


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